Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Fabric Up

If you are interested in Swapping one fat quarter for another.
I am looking for Whites/Creams/Beige.
Australia Swap Only Sorry.

If interested in any pieces please private email me.

Well these are the first fabrics that are no longer required in my stash.
Maybe something here that someone else can use in there stash.
  I do not know where l picked up these pieces, the second fabric has a glossy sheen to the silver.
The photos do not show this.

 Postage stamp  fabric l think l bought to make FAP's with (Fabric Art Postcards) But the post office where l live will no longer allow fabric post cards in there systems.  Something about glitter or feathers getting caught in the sorting machines. But you can mail if in envelope.
Sort of took the fun out of things.

 Who knows why, but would be great Halloween.

 Black and White Floral print.

 Australian Floral Prints lovely fabric.  Now that Spring is here in Oz.

 Christmas just around the corner, perfect for that special gift.

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