Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cruise To New Zealand

Only 2 and a bit weeks until l sail off on a cruise with my dear Hubby.
We are heading over the Tasman to New Zealand for a 14 day tour.

Getting excited now trying to get everything in order. Packing for what ever comes our way including theme nights. Have to make formal outfit for black tie dinner as well.

Have all luggage tags made to see if it will all fit, hopeful under weight.
Taking a bit of hand sewing for when we are in the cabin at night or by the pool catching some sun. Only if we have spare time to our selves.

Leaving a freezer full of meals for the boys, saving the girl friends from having to cook for them...or way too much take away.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

My new granddaughter ask me to make her a Sleeping Beauty Costume in Red.  Thought it be nicer to add a little more colour  to the outfit, with a bit more bling.
Just the beginning of my new role as Nan C.  Looking forward to years of can you make me a....

A little more progress, just needs sleeves and abracadabra all finished.

Managed to take picture before handing over the dress to her mother to take home.

Have a new name for those of you who are unaware. I am Nan C.  to my grandies as they have three sets of grandparents.  The youngest is four and he is now calling me Nancy. LOL.  Just got to love them.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Toowoomba Quilt Show 2014

 Had a lovely couple of hours walking around the Toowoomba Quilters Quilt Show. Some very exciting quilts and projects on offer.
 Community quilts and work shop projects all assembled around the hall. Plenty of raffles and goods to purchased from the club plus your usual local store holders.  Plenty of informative workshops happening.
 Liked the simplicity of this quilt and such a nice effect.
"WOW"  30 Years now that an achievement.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

School Holidays Once Again

Time to catch up on what has been happening around town. The carnival of flowers is in full bloom again this year. Have a few quilts hanging at the teapot extravaganza this year.  Will be off to the quilt hangings, spinning demonstration, flower shows all around town.
Son no.4 is off to Longreach for 4 nights to attend the Longreach Pastoral College Taster a 15 hour bus trip...where he will have the opportunity to experience country life. Horse riding motor bikes rounding up cattle and sheep.   Enjoy all country life has to offer hard work and play. This may help him to decide his future employment opportunities or lifestyle.  Plus he will also earn himself another badge towards his queens scout awards.
 Love these blue tea pots.  The Orchids were absolutely beautiful this year..stripes and dots.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fat Quarters

First color bundle Reds.
Followed by a bundle of Greens.
Next color bundle of purples
Then by the browns shades.
  Closely followed by Yellows
 Assorted blues.
   Confusing black and whites, and a bit of silver.
Multi colors to end the total of the fat quarters that are on offer for SWAPPING.

I would like to Swap One Fat Quarter for another.  The colors l would like as stated in previous, post is White, Cream or light Beige. So if you see something here that you need for that special project don't hesitate.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Fabric Up

If you are interested in Swapping one fat quarter for another.
I am looking for Whites/Creams/Beige.
Australia Swap Only Sorry.

If interested in any pieces please private email me.

Well these are the first fabrics that are no longer required in my stash.
Maybe something here that someone else can use in there stash.
  I do not know where l picked up these pieces, the second fabric has a glossy sheen to the silver.
The photos do not show this.

 Postage stamp  fabric l think l bought to make FAP's with (Fabric Art Postcards) But the post office where l live will no longer allow fabric post cards in there systems.  Something about glitter or feathers getting caught in the sorting machines. But you can mail if in envelope.
Sort of took the fun out of things.

 Who knows why, but would be great Halloween.

 Black and White Floral print.

 Australian Floral Prints lovely fabric.  Now that Spring is here in Oz.

 Christmas just around the corner, perfect for that special gift.

Watch This Space

Am going to have a masive clean out of unused fat 1/4. You know the ones you purchase because you liked them at the time or thought of a great project you could use it in.  But they  end up sitting around until you eventually forget why you purchased them in the first place.    As l post pictures of the fabrics, if you are interested in any please send me an email.   Sorry Australia only.