Saturday, August 9, 2014

Space Organizer Bag

Started cutting out  my space organizer bag on Friday night whilst watching the footy with Hubby as the house was empty of children.
Which is becoming the norm around here lately.

This is one of my space saving  luggage collection pieces.  Purchased this fabric because it was not a fabric l thought many people would use therefore making my luggage collection standout at any airport or motel world wide.
My luggage collection kicked off about 2 years ago with the Homespun "POM" Magazines. Lots of great inspiration and plan on making more of the projects on offer in the magazine.

So l must remember not to dicard these magazines to quickly as l sort them.  Have done that a time or two before. LoL


  1. Love the colors in the material. Great idea

  2. Hi Maddy yes i can remember the travelling set in homespun each month they had a difference piece to make up,the set will look geat in these fabrics,enjoy your weekend my friend.xx

  3. they are very pretty fabrics Maddy ... waiting now to see the finished bag ...
    i keep promising not to buy any more magazines .. and i do ok for awhile ... then i walk into a newsagent and thats the end of me .... and my promises ... i do try to sort thru them with the intention of tossing some .. but never get too far .. haha ... my ADD takes over ...oh look .. what a pretty pattern ... haha