Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Night Away.

Was lucky to take time out of our busy schedule for a night on the coast. A good longtime friend from Melbourne came up to the Gold Coast so we made arrangements to meet up for dinner. Had a great night catching up on what the families have been up too.

This trip was two fold as (Son no.2) Sean and girlfriend Rachel were heading off to Melbourne for a quick trip which involves an interview for Rachel's nursing career. Wishing her much success in here chosen career path.

Whilst on the job career front (Son no 3) Lachlan has managed to score himself an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic with  prestige car dealer.  Which means he will also be leaving us to move to Brisbanne next week for a 3 month trail period. We also wish him much success. He tells me he will visit us on the weekends occasionally.  Hahaha.

Then there was one (son no.4) is finishing year 12 and tells us he will be heading West...sheep station he thinks. Only time will tell.

This  is what we all as parents work towards, but now that it could be just around the corner l am feeling both proud and no longer needed.

But l am sure this is only a temporary state of looking forward to their lives and careers expanding.


  1. Sounds perfect. You will always be needed. Seems kids always need their parents. Best wishes to your son as he starts a new career.

  2. Let me tell you Maddy, they never stop needing you.Haha. What a wonderful job you and hubbie have done raising boys with direction. Sharyn:)

  3. The boys are certainly growing up. Well done on Lachlan getting an apprenticeship. Austin is wanting to be a mechanic too and we need to start looking for him to get a school based apprenticeship.