Friday, July 18, 2014

Back To Real Sewing.

Have been away from real sewing for a few to many months, making the dresses for wedding party.  So glad my time is my time once again.  Have been a little lost over the past two weeks not knowing where to start. Do l finish off UFO's or SSS Projects. What a dilemma to have probably take me a while to settle back into a routine.
I decided SSS took precedence over everything else, because l have a commitment to my very special partner.    So many ideas maybe too many but l look forward to the challenge ahead.    Here are a couple of  glimpses of thing to come.  You know the procedure Ssshh... no telling.
Now to make the sack or stocking,
Glad to be back among like minded people.


  1. Enjoy your sewing Maddy and hope you have an awesome week.xx

  2. Enjoy the challenge...and happy sewing.

  3. I did some stitching for SSS but I didn't post any pics, Happy weekend