Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Short Trip Away.

 Hubby and l went on a short trip up the Sunshine Coast.  This time the weather was beautiful.  Started our trip heading towards Brisbane to look at a few camper trailers.  
Then we finally on our way out of Brisbane toward Bribie Island, Beachmere where we looked at a few holiday homes.  Staying the night in Caboolture.

The next day headed  for Rainbow beach via the Glasshouse Mountains.
 Arrived late in the afternoon drove on the beach a little bit. Lucky to get off before tide come in.  Lovely little spot for a day visit only.   Headed for Tin Can Bay where we stayed in a self contained cabin very cosy.

In the morning we went to the feeding of the Dolphins.  Only one showed up for breakfast normally they have three or four, so we were told. They can eat up to 25kg of fish per day...they will graze all day...only fed 3kg of  fish  here.

Of course when there is free food around the local pelicans come in for a look. These birds are not encouraged to stay around, because they can become quite aggressive.
Was great to get away, even for a little while.

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  1. sounds like you had a great time ... it really is a lovely area ...