Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Night Out With Kaffe Fassett

 Attended a very interesting evening listening to a lecture at the Empire Theatre:  Sponsored by Precious Time,  guest speaker Kaffe Fassett.
Spoke about his life, his art how he got involved in designing fabric, knitting etc.

How to explore and find color all round us. Not to be afraid to go out of  your comfort zone, but to in brace it.
 Purchase this book and had it signed by the duo. Extremely funny in their presentation kept the evening full of laughter with their  unique humour. All round good night.

  A few quilts to show and tell us about. Very basic in design.


  1. wow what a night,lucky you Maddy,glad you had a good time and your book looks interesting too,enjoy.xx

  2. That would have been a very interesting night out, glad you enjoyed it. Interesting looking book too.

  3. Oh my what a great opportunity and it sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the book.