Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Local Talent:

 All in Fun!   Have been out visiting our fellow blogger the very talented Kris Meares (Tag along Teddies). Kris is very creative, full of fun and  mischief l am sure. As Kris lives near by l arranged to meet up with  her at a local haunt. (The Quilters Angel) in Highfields, a must visit shop if you are ever up this way.
I am sure Kris would tell you that the pleasure was all mine ... as it was. lol.
You all remember her beautiful Aaah Paris quilt which was featured in the very popular Homespun Magazine. Issue 107.  Vol.13.  No.4.  As l have previously posted.

 Am extremely happy with the way my quilt turned out ...the quilting is amazing Quilted by the very gifted Bev. McClune.
Only hope Rachel is as happy about the quilt as l am.
Making a cushion to match and possibly a pillow case with the left over backing fabric and patchwork extras.Now that time is no longer an issue.


  1. How could Rachel not love that quilt. It is beautiful. How nice you got to meet Kris in person.

  2. Oh Maddy she will love it ,it wonderful ,if she doesnt want it i willtake it,its stunning,well done Maddy.xx