Monday, September 30, 2013

MY First Attempt At Spinning.

Being my first time to attempt spinning. l was given this wool type fiber to practice on. Was a tad course and felt nothing like wool to me... the novice. 

 My Hubby purchased this spinning wheel back when we lived in Melbourne... from a garage sale on the Mornington peninsular and thought it would be nice if one of us learnt to spin. ( He meant me). It has sat around the house looking inviting for a while now.
After visiting with friends in Melbourne on a recent trip, thought l would like to knit a cardigan/jacket, this made me think a little more about types of wool ...then l had a brain wave, spin my own. ( Hubby encouragement all the way).

Then after visiting the Spinners and Weavers demonstration together at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, decided to give the whole idea a chance. So off l went on Thursday last and took my very first lesson.  Found it to be a very relaxing day and after the usual introductions went to work with many helpful hints and encouragement managed to spin this wool....into a ball of wool....sort of.  Would be a lot cheaper, quicker to purchase the wool from the store, but not as much fun.  This is going to be exciting.... wish me luck. So much more research is needed.


  1. Iam a spinner from way back Recently sold my wheel cos no one was wearing my creations any more
    I loved it though Very relaxing once you get the hang of it. Knit a beanie with your first balls You will be amazed how well they turn out with all the variations in thickness Good Luck Oh and I must tell you When I first started it was very frustrating and the girls put a sticker on my wheel saying big deal It stayed there till I sold it and the lady said she would keep it as a reminder to be patient