Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cutting Cutting & Still Cutting.

Still cutting up scraps for future projects ...don't feel like l am getting very far, so much more to cut still.

Bagging up the fabric as l go, into sized pieces.
Still working on first basket of scraps....sharpening cutting mat on order.

At least there will be plenty of fabric to make a quilt or two.


  1. I spent uncounted hours doing this Maddy, and it was so worthwhile. Of course the scraps box is always being added to with each project one does, but I actually enjoy getting all those new bits out and cutting them up into squares for their respective boxes! LOL to the comment about sharpening blades and a new cutting mat :-)

  2. I agree, it's so worthwhile. You'll find it so much easier to get more done. Hugs

  3. i have my little box of 2.5 inch squares that i use for 'starters' and 'enders' ... one day i will have a enough of these 4 patch blocks to make up 2 quilts .. all from scraps ... so i agree too .. well worth the effort every now and then to cut up all those scrappy bits into squares ...

    have fun .. and hang in there ... I have some zippy bags if you need them ... haha ...