Friday, August 23, 2013

The Cutting Edge.

This is what l have planed for my
Friday night...a non sewing night.  Have thrown a small basket of scrap fabrics together, to cut into assorted sizes for future scrappy quilts. Will be so happy when the scraps are sorted....making my life so much more simple.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Beginning Of Yellow and Black Quilt

 This is all l managed to complete tonight...thought l would post before l went off to bed...  Sneezing all day refusing to become ill,.Hubby made me a "Hot Water Bottle to take to bed.  Managed to cut out a few yellows and some black fabrics that l have sewn together....might be able to do some more tomorrow.  Hope you all have fun with your projects. Looking forward to see what you all have been up too.
Below is the finial placements of blocks to my Yellow and Black quilt. I still need to sew it all together and put on a 4-5 inch boarder of black.  Unsure whether to add applique or not  as it is a 21st gift for a niece or nephew....Have about 8 months to decide who....then get it finished

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Re Cycled Scarf

 Last year l made many scarves for family and friends they were all the rage.  The twistie ones very long and become quite heavy after a while. I made one for myself but only wore it briefly, so l thought l would have another go and re-cycle it.  So l undid the scarf  rolled it into a ball and started again.
Casting on 50 stitches and knitted until l ran out of wool with about 100 cm left l cast off.  This scarf sits on your shoulders very comfy and light weight, more like a shawl but still a scarf. Still keeps your neck warm without the drag. So don't throw away your unwanted scarves re-cycle them.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's That Time Of Year Again.

 Once again the garden is starting to show a bit of colour, spring is on the way.  This little beauty was given to me by Rachel and has really taken off very nicely, not sure of the name but it looks like a native orchid. Every year since l have been here in our new home the orchids have shown off their beauty.

The Veggie patch has not let us down either.  Was a little worried earlier but as l have been away and not here to worry the plants have looked after themselves.
   Good crop of corn if the wind does not blow them over in the coming weeks. Plenty of cabbages for coleslaw, maybe l can swap one for a pumpkin or some Tomatoes. The peas l have been worrying about are now taking off and beginning to climb.  Maybe l should go away more often. lol.

Return From Retreat

 Returned from another wonderful North Of  The Yarra Quilters Retreat, always great to catch up with fellow quilters. Worked very hard this retreat was determined to finish off these three quilts, being my year to use up scraps and to finish off past projects.  Sent the three quilts to Melbourne ahead of time for professional quilting by the Wonderful Anita. Blogger: hillsidequilting. She does such a great work. Added my personal signature labels, with touch of Maddy.  My little poems/sayings.  Close up of quilting on this one.

This second quilt was inspired by the Get Creative Magazine  that Spotlight use to put out....this is from the first years collection.With my own selection of fabrics and personal label. Really happy these quilts are no longer UFO's.

 The snakes and ladder quilt with it on label now firmly in place. For those precious little girls.

 This quilt is a stack and slash with a twist as l got burned, so to speak. Made for son no.2 (Sean) was supposed to be an Essendon Footballers quilt. Black and Red for those who don't know, but as you can see l added white to lift the quilt, Silly thing to do because now it is a Saint Kilda Footballers quilt. Not to worry it is going in my car as a car car in Red with Black interior. Added my personal little label.
I am sure they would rather lock me in my sewing room and throw away the key.

Two new little ones are going to join the extended Toowoomba family in the coming months. Need to make something very special for both.