Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Productive Day

Have been a little bit more productive today making baby blankets for PNG. Thanks to Melody's blog link. Having fun putting all those scraps to very good use. Making a variety of sizes and styles, with flannel backings made in the bag method.

Has got me more motivated to make extra quilts throughout the year for the homeless youth here in Toowoomba.

Up Date:  These are the 5 quilt blankets l have sent off to Gina for her sister-in-law to take with her on her next trip to PNG.


  1. These look lovely and with the cool weather will be very welcome I'm sure. Hugs......

  2. Very colourful - they will be much loved by the babies over in PNG :-)
    I love using the bag method instead of binding quilts...not that I've made any bed size quilts! But I use it for most of my wall hangings and table runners etc.