Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ground Hog Day!

Well it's been like ground Hog day here for the past four days rain, rain and more rain. Now for something a bit different wind rain and power outage.  Toowoomba has been cut of from Warwick, Ipswich and Crows-nest due to minor flooding across the hwy s   Have been asked not to go out unless necessary.  I suppose we will wake up in the morning to more rain, rain, rain .  But on a up beat note the chickens are having their feathers dryed out by my son Hayden with the hair dryer. Before they are put to bed.


  1. lool,at least the chickens are having fun,stay safe .xx

  2. Is that the Chevron for chickens!! hope they are laying eggs for you. Mine are left to their pwn defences.

  3. Cute banners Maddy. How cute are the chickens with their new "do's". Are the floods near you Maddy? If so, stay safe.