Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tea Pot Extravaganza

There was some thing for every one...Christine this one was for you.
               This was one of my favorite.
  Simone, Rachel, Libby, Jennifer.....and others who are cat lovers.
       For those down on the know who you are.
   For all those craft people who love to sew....and love bears.
 Last by no means........  for those who  enjoy high tea.......with there lady friends.

Orchid Show

 Went to the Toowoomba Orchid Show this morning being the second day of the opening thought it may be a little less busy and l was rewarded with a more leisurely morning.  Made my way through the rows of exquisite flowers. I was drawn to the softer colours of pinks + purples.

So many different varieties shapes and colours. I made my purchases and went home a very happy young lady.  This year is going to be the year l get my garden in order.  So no one warn my Hubby of what is in store for him when he returns from his trip to Victoria.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Award Winning Garden

 Thought l would share this absolutely beautiful garden with you all.
This masterpiece belongs to one of my neighbors here in Toowoomba each year they manage to receive an award for their hard work, this year they have won the Grand Prize for best Overall Garden in the Toowoomba home garden show.  Over the two weeks they expect 20,000 people though their gates to visit their garden. Entry is free, what a labor of love.

Toowoomba comes alive with colour for the two weeks of the carnival of flowers. Many other activities to see like the  Toowoomba quilt show cafe....shows.

Great to see so many people arriving, bringing the much needed tourism to the area each year. Such a lovely friendly town.

Will explore other gardens throughout the next two weeks and of course the quilt show.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Stitchers Dream Day Out

On Sunday l spent the day out at the Quilter Angels Quilters Day Out held in Highfields Queensland.  (Stitchers Dream Day Out).  Was held at their new venue which was fantastic....plenty of room to move about and out of the weather....lovely goodies to purchase at will and a delicious lunch provided.  Fantastic new patterns to stitch made by three great designers.... Natalie Bird.... Gail Pann......Nikki  Button lady.
On the stage area there was a mini quilt show of the designers other patterns and projects. Lots of goods to purchase at the store.
I know you cannot make them all out but believe me they are gorgeous.  Some of them l have already made others l will only dream about making.

The tutors were on hand to show you new and interesting tools that you may or may not know about. Techniques to make your life of stitching easier.   Looking forward to next years Girls sewing day out with more great tutors like Leanne Beasley (Leanne's House) and Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies) a local girl. Rosalie Quinlan (Rosalie Quinlan Designs),  Ella Madsen (Ella and Skysie) and last of all Debbie Magee (Always Stitchin')  Should be another great year ahead. Thank you all for a wonderful day out.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Is This Kansas

Am l in Kansas?
These are Ruby's Slippers to match her new Amy Butler  Bag.  Found this slipper pattern in the New Australian Homespun magazine, NO.112 Vol 13 No.9.
Am going to have fun with this one. Also made the eye mask for sleeping or travel. Decided to go with black trim to match the bag.  Have nearly used up all the left over fabric....may be one more little project.  From A Trip to Remember POM Beauty Essential Pack found in the same magazine.  So l am sure there is plenty to keep me busy..... going to be fun.

Here it is already to use, sweet dreams.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guess What I Am Up To Again.

Purchased this fabric sometime ago with a single purpose in mind, another Amy Butler bag.

Well have finial found time to start this project for my nephews partner. When l saw this fabric l new it was the one for her.... they just moved back from New Zealand last year.  l have had time to get to know them a lot better.  I am sure she will be happy with the end result as Ruby has mentioned a number of time how she likes this bag.

 Post photos towards the end of the week when l hope to have item completed. (No. 11).

After an afternoon of machine problems and minor maintenance, have completed another bag.  Very very happy with the results.
The fabric is rich and lush, almost has a velvet look about it.  Cannot help but stroke it. Chose to co ordinate it with black to enhance the appeal.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Owl Quilt Top

 As you can see there was a bit of preparatory work to be completed before we could even start any sew at all.

 This took most of Thursday / Friday  before  Bobbie arrived and continued long after the two of us had partaken in much chatter and chocolate consumption. Saturday we spent the day appliqueing our owl down and making the eyes for our owls. A short trip to Spotlight to stretch our legs, then finial our bodies gave in to exhaustion.

Made plans for Bobbie to return through the week, when we then pieced our owl panels together put in our sashings  and started on the boarders.

It was then decided to continue at our own pace to complete the project as making another time to meet up before Bobbie leaves Toowoomba for her adventure of traveling around Australia in a Bus, was going to prove difficult.

Placed on top and bottom boarders on last Friday arvo.

Then today l finial completed the two side boarders not with out some measurement drama of course. Just love the way it has all turned out.

Bright is something l would normal stay away from but l find myself being drawn more and more towards them.  Just love the colours Bobbie chose for us.......