Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work continues....

Here is my part of the new shed just waiting for the electrician to connect lights, fan.......then its shelving, tables, sewing machine and everything else.  I am lucky it is fully insulated.

Do you like the wall l painted myself.  Took me two whole days to complete..... very sore and tired not like ladders at any time.  The room is full of nature light thanks to the reflective material and light colour paint.

Thinking about painting the rocking chair white next.....add cushion..... sit and relax.

Think l will keep my day job...... Domestic Goddess.

Need name for my retreat.  Quilters Haven, Quick Hideaway, Quilters 1/4 (Quarters.)???


  1. wow Maddy ,how nice,lucky you.xx

  2. How about Maddy's Manor? Looking good Maddy.