Friday, January 13, 2012

Hexagons on a Friday night.

In the beginning there was one.......then there were (18) eighteen, to make a hexagon bag.  This is what l did this Friday night.  Took these hexagon's away with me on our road trip to Cairns and back with out a needle being threaded.  Too busy through the day and bad light at night.


  1. Love the idea of the big shed,, but think it would go better as a quilter's cave!!
    One day I will get mine,, sigh

    1. Correct it is a Quilter's cave but don't tell my hubby. I'ii slowly take over ha ha ha!

  2. So pretty. I love to do some crafts when we are on our road trips too. I have just completed a QAYG bag though at home. We are back on the road in November. Luckily I can craft and such whilst a passenger as I don't get car sick and my hubby hates being a passenger so we are both happy! See you on the road one day!