Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silly Season.

 Silly season in upon our household, what was to be a quite night out looking at the Toowoomba Christmas lights turns in to a circus for our teenage children. Believe me they are no Angels. Obviously they like to act the fool and sing Christmas carols as people pass by.  Their audience joining in on occasions.
My youngest is excited about our up and coming trip to the Great Barrier Reef and his Chartered  fishing trip.  This will be our last trip together as a family with our Children's life taking them in different directions.
How sad but also very exciting.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In.

Even though l did not get that much achieved l did enjoy the time to sit and sew, in not that much silence as the children's friends came over and some ended up sleeping the night.
But managed to get enough done to decide what l am going to make with these Hexagons.  Wait for it  they are going to find themselves on a cot quilt for my NZ. friends niece's new born. Due to arrive in two about 2 months, so l have plenty of time. lol.  Look forward to the next Friday Sit & Sew evening.

Friday, December 9, 2011

On the Home Front

 Didn't think it would happen, not at least before Christmas, things were looking doubtful.  Especially when the rain come and stayed for two days straight.

But early this morning before we woke the phone call came in stating that the truck with bobcat would arrive within the hour.  Mad rush for showers, breakfast and child to school..Last day before Christmas Hols.

Excavations for the new shed are in progress, l have one very happy Hubby.
What a mess, you do not want the red dirt on your shoes.  It travels though the house and is very difficult to remove so lucky we have a NO shoes on in house policy.

Checking the levels was the easy part, like with most men they want to take just a little more off the top.  Ooooppps, we hit water.  That's right no water in the house all day...... have been promised we will have water in time to cook diner.

This little chap visits everyday and today he had more to feast on with the earth turned over he even found a plump witchetty grub.  Site Supervisor "Kooka"

Jen how are your Reno's going,. Would like to see any photo's you may have taken.

Christmas Past & Present.

Here are some of the many creations that have been produced over the last 10 years of my quilting life, for Christmas because l do enjoy this time of the decorating the house with tinsel, lights and my favourite snow domes.

These are three patchwork blocks made up especial with Christmas in mind, my dearest Hubby made me the frames to suit. I am so very lucky to have so much support.

 Next is a quilt/wall hanging from a magazine l cannot remember which one, made it about 2007. Was so very pleased with the results..  Display it every year and always get great comments about it.
 Now this little one is very cute think l made this one in 2009 also found in a magazine. hangs around the house, off a door or cabinet.

The tree wall hanging was made some time ago when the children were very small, and we needed to replace our Christmas tree but couldn't make up our mind whether to go with a real tree or store bought so this did that year.  We went store and now this year we again have to decide for the future years as they arrive upon us.

The Bon Bons are the latest editions to the Christmas family box of decorations. They will also be given away to guess who arrive,filled with lollies/chocolates.

Hope you enjoyed my small show and tell.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chain Piecing.

 New meaning to Chain piecing.

 I purchase this template at the Brisbane Craft and Quilting expo.

 Have not had the opportunity to use until now. Took a couple of minutes to get the hang of what to do...... there is a fare amount of pressing......before you can start.

 Once you have the fabric organised you can start  takes a short while to cut out and you guessed it more ironing.... this time you are trying to get the cresses out of the fabric.
Then it is time to open out and iron the links open. Make sure you do not cut the end link to close to the end of your fabric, as you need room to flip last link out and have room to sew 1/4"inch.

Now it is time to audition your third fabric to enhance your creation. This is your background fabric.

 The template is great for  boarders on a quilt or individual blocks.  I have made a table runner for the Christmas table.

If interested in other templates you can contact       Flip la K.  or

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dare to Dream

You can buy these words from your local craft stores. Paint the colour of your choice or leave plain,  decorate as you like.   l chose sequence, but you could add fairy dust (glitter) to the paint or  whilst waiting for the paint to dry add glitter,beads etc. A small but messy project to do with your children.  Hang them in your children's rooms or about the house.
I  heard that they now add these to your wedding  tables for decoration. Thought  it would also work for Xmas parties, engagements, ideas are endless.