Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Red Car.

The little RED car,  for so long l have been driving around in a people mover, playing taxi for my children.  Now we have moved into the next phase of our lives. A smaller 5 seater with the modern cons. for around town.  Now the boys are getting their learners they will need to drive a manual car.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterfly Bag

Here is a photo of my version of Val Lairds Flutter-by bag for young girls, the sequences are going on to the front and back of the bag.  Then the bag will be under construction, and hopefully finished and sent off to niece in Cairns.  She is excited about receiving her new bag with matching butterfly earnings.   Will post again when bag is completed.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Bilby

I would like to introduced you to Frank and his Bilby.  Frank is very passionate about the Australian Bilby.  He has spent a great deal of his life trying to protect these adorable little creatures. In Ipswich there is a wildlife park for the Bilby which has taken a lot of effort on behalf of Frank and his partner to accomplish.  He encourages people to visit the park with free entry, the park is second to none in the world.  Sea World on the Gold Coast  had there own Bilby project but, it couldn't manage to breed these little creatures and sent them up to Franks Bilby park and they had no trouble breeding.

This is on my things to do list.  If you wish to support his cause, remember to buy your chocolate Bilby at Easter ONLY from DARRELL LEA where 100% of the money goes to the Bilby's.  Stay away from Myers, Coles, Kmart. .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

TQG Big Cuppa Day

 This was another fun day held by the Toowoomba Quilters.  Sue and I were on the greeting table, pink was the thyme, most members joined in and dressed for the days activities, with fun in their hearts.
We enjoyed many wonderful pink tit bits  for afternoon tea. Have you every eaten pink egg or even pink bread, well now l can say l have.
The small Japanese coin purses which l made for the event went down a treat. Everyone went home with something to show for their day out.
 Multi raffles were held though out the day. About 40 in all.  The group were all a chatter about there sewing and the guest speaker,(Dr. David Bilbrough) who talked to us about the different types of skin cancer.  Which was extremely interesting to say the least.
The challenge nine patch Pink of course, blocks were also raffled off there were enough to make 4 single bed quilts and 1 lap quilt.
We had glorious weather today making the event even that much more enjoyable.  The park land out side the very large open glass doors always looks so very inviting.