Sunday, March 27, 2011

What am l up to now.

Can you guess what l am up to now?  Will post a little each time l take another step closer  to completing the object.  See if you were correct.

The Toowoomba Show is on this week, l wonder whether the car park has recovered.

Jazz Day

 Attended the Jazz Music day out at Downlands College today .

The weather was absolutely glorious, made for a wonderful day to sit back and enjoy the music and a wine or two.

 The perfect place for this event with park like surroundings.
The college grounds are so serene.  

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thought l would share these Windmills with you, they are on site at the Cobb & Co museum in Toowoomba Qld.  The site was formally  the Old Toowoomba Show Grounds.  The story goes that the windmill merchants would arrive at the show grounds at the appropriate time of year, set up their displays for the farmers to view. Another great Aussie icon.

Different but yet similar to the patchwork windmill.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lucky Country.

Gympie Music Muster presents "SPIRIT OF THE COUNTRY" which was held on Sunday 20th March 2011.
Admission was allocated via ballot after fans registered their interest on the Internet, you could only gain entry  into the event by wearing an official wrist band which you needed to pick up prior to the day.  No wristband no entry.
 The weather was a bit on the gloomy side, with a touch of the wet stuff.  The car park was a field of mud, so we parked our car not knowing if we would be able to get out after the event was over.

Was well worth the effort, with the program consisting of the great names of country music:

 Over 25,000 attended.  Largest country get together ever in the history of country music, so we were told.

Catherine Britt , Shane Nicholson, James Blundell, Gina Jeffreys, Greame Connors, Adam Harvey,   Beccy Cole,         Troy Cassar Daley, Lee Kernaghan, Kassy Chambers
& John Williamson.


We manage to help others who's cars were stuck in the mud at the end of the night.  After finial reaching our car walking through mud up to our ankles which felt like our knees. No lights out in the car park either.
Cars sliding all over the place.
Will talk to the mayor about that tomorrow night at our meeting.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Japanese coin purse

Making these coin purses for the guilds pink ribbon day in May. These will be a little gifts for the ladies who have taken the time out to dress up in their finery.  Will have a special little something inside .Getting a head start.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Girls In Stitchers

Hello all,
             Had a wonderful day out at the Quilters Angel in Highfield, Toowoomba. A day for celebrating women, allowing time for yourself.  Met and sat with a great group of women l had never met until today.  All very pleasant and full of dickens.  (Just like Jennifer, Libby and Simone V.) You know who you are.

Arrived at 9.00am, registered at the marque, sorted out my seating arrangements.  Went for a walk around the other beautiful shops in the Village green area.  Of course l managed to make my way into the patchwork store, made a mental list to come back at the end of the day to purchase items, but it was so crowded when l returned, that l will have to venture out on Monday.  Feel sorry for me yet??

Once the day was underway we were introduced to our tutors, heard a little about what we would been doing for the day.

 We started with tea/coffee and mini muffins, introduced ourselves around the table, telling each other our life stories, of how we  had arrive at this place in time, as you do.  Whilst we sorted ourselves out to start our projects, checking out our gift bag.  We were very spoilt as always.  We received two patterns one from Sue (patchwork with busy fingers) the other form Linda  (Bella embroidery) both very lovely patterns. Some extremely beautiful fabrics from the Quilting Angel store.

Then it was on threading needles, cutting threads, concentrating on the task at hand.
Through out the day we were shown  techniques by the tutors, and products that make life for the sewer easier. Will never have a problem with English paper Piecing or coping patterns again. lol

  Lunch arrived at about 12.30pm  it was delicious, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach pie with salad a glass of wine followed by fresh fruit afterwards. We were entertained while we ate by a singer and her partner their names escape me for now.    The weather was just fantastic, company could not have been better. Overall a great day of sewing, learning and new friendships started.  The day was over to quickly finishing at 3.30pm.
Looking forward to the next one.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming This Weekend.

GIRLS IN STITCHES is happening this weekend 12th-13th March at the Quilter's Angel in Highfields, have been looking forward to this for sometime now.  I will be attending on the Saturday, DH will drop me off at 9.00am for a full day of sewing, chatting and of course some Wine & Chocolates.  Looking forward to meeting our tutors for the day  first  Sue Daley (Patchwork with busy fingers) also Linda Blake ( Bella Embroidery). Let you know how the day went.  Hopeful the rain will stay away for the weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chocolate Or Wine.

 Started this project last August at the NOTYQ annual Retreat.  Needed some hand work in case there were too many machines in use. Which of course there were. The pattern came from the book "Wrapped In Chocolate" by Janet Rowe of Wildcraft Farm.
  But  as l worked on these blocks, l had the opportunity to chat, laugh and general enjoy myself.   Some my say a little too much.  Then there was the wine at night to help you keep those stitches straight. Was not sure if l should use the light brown for light chocolate or the dark for the dark chocolate so l did both.
 Using this time to gain knowledge about embroidery, as l know not what l do.  Which are the best needles, threads extra, which chocolate goes well with that wine.  It took me the three day weekend to complete what you see here and l plan on having this quilt finished for Show and Tell this year.
That's right Simone V.  l will be back to keep you company.  I"II bring the Chocolates.