Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chain Piecing.

 New meaning to Chain piecing.

 I purchase this template at the Brisbane Craft and Quilting expo.

 Have not had the opportunity to use until now. Took a couple of minutes to get the hang of what to do...... there is a fare amount of pressing......before you can start.

 Once you have the fabric organised you can start  takes a short while to cut out and you guessed it more ironing.... this time you are trying to get the cresses out of the fabric.
Then it is time to open out and iron the links open. Make sure you do not cut the end link to close to the end of your fabric, as you need room to flip last link out and have room to sew 1/4"inch.

Now it is time to audition your third fabric to enhance your creation. This is your background fabric.

 The template is great for  boarders on a quilt or individual blocks.  I have made a table runner for the Christmas table.

If interested in other templates you can contact       Flip la K.  or

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