Friday, November 11, 2011

More bags.

 Ruler cover is a great idea for that different Birthday or Christmas gift. Fantastic way of protecting you purchased and expensive  rulers. Makes taking them to classes safer also. Fits ruler 24 x 61/2" inch with extra pocket inside to also fit your 6 x 6"inch rule 5 x 5 0r 4 x 4' inch rulers.

The Casserole carrier is always a gift that is appreciated for those dinner parties.  Keeps you food safe whilst travelling in the car.
Special gift for a lucky girl, who happens to be going out with one of my gawjus sons.  I had to go out and purchase more fabric, poor me.  This is not a colour l feel comfortable with but l think it will be fine.

Update : I have now made (6) that's right six of these bags, think l will have to make the pattern into a template as it is getting a very good work out. lol.

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