Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Whats in a Name" ???

Was just over checking out Joy's blog where there was a very interesting question being asked,."What's in a Name" and instructed to go to Dawn's blog, "Sweet as Cinnamon" . There was discussion about the reason we choose the blog names we have, maybe they describe our personality, hobbies,etc.   ....Sounded like a lot of fun and l do enjoy a good laugh.
 The name for my blog came about because we now live in  Toowoomba (2x Woomba).
Hence the name'Woomba Woomba"   
Hope this makes sense to you all.
They also stated there may be a prize in it.   You know l cannot resists a freebie, not that l am lucky enough to win.  But you gottta be in it to win it.


  1. Of course!!!!! Maddy that never occurred to me before, but now it makes perfect sense lol. Love it :o)!!!
    Joy ;o)

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  3. Love it..Love it... great blog Maddy...sorry about the wrong spelling before...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  4. Woomba Woomba - wonderful! As a fellow Queenslander (by birth anyway) I recognise the QLD style of humour :-))

  5. Love the name so original, very clever.

  6. LOVE IT ! so creative and original !

  7. as i also live here in toowoomba when i heard your blog name i knew instantly what and why ... and also had to run and tell hubby how cute and clever i thought it was ... mind you ... he has no 'cute and clever' in him at all .. so dry and dull he is .. haha ....

    but i do love your blog name ...