Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scout Poncho

This Scout Poncho came about after many many years of collecting scout associated badges. Many many years of nagging from DH, DS3. Both came up with the idea that Mum could make this Poncho blanket.   They moved  things along by buying a small blanket, from Sams Warehouse.  Trying to get me motivated, still meeting much resistance from me.  As l have no time to sew on badges due to my constant quilting obligation and on going imagination in patchwork.  So determined  were they that they placed the blanket on the dining room floor, with badges spaced and pinned on waiting for me to tire, which l eventually did.  It took me several hours to sew them on. Lets pray that they don't earn any more badges.
I needed the space to lay out  my next quilting creation.

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