Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Butterfly Bag Complete

You may say about time... started this project back in May and got way layed.... as we sometimes do, but don't worry l finally finished the beautiful Flutter-By Bag designed by Val Laird.  This bag was for one of my nieces birthdays but now she will receive it for Christmas.  Enjoyed making the bag and learning along the way how to add sequence.  Did have a little hiccup buying the plastic tubing for the handles at Bunnings.   Machine did not like sewing through the tubing.  Very happy with the finished product.
I know little Teoni will just love the bag.  Her mother will have to now put sequence on her shoes & hair pieces to match.


  1. Gorgeous bag!! Your niece will love it.

  2. oh wow maddy ... that is a lovely little bag .. and so much detail work on it .. good for you ... and yes ... i am sure your niece will love it ..