Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheese cake

Dear Hubby wanted to make a cheese cake just like his big sister.  After a phone call for the recipe, he was off to the shops for the ingredients. Twenty four hours later we were allowed to have a small taste. This of course was not one slice taken out but two.
Was absolutely delicious. He has really been into the sweets lately and it is beginning to show.  The boys have been enjoying his new found distraction, with no complaints.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to what counts.

Making a start on the items which l HOPE to donate to the Toowoomba Quilt Sale Table come September. It is good to be sewing again.  Have not really got into it since the move. Busy with life and looking for the right house that has that special feeling of a home. Need to start and finish projects l have discarded for way too long.  Enjoying the weather today sun is shining the wind has all but gone the temp is 22c.  Need to have most things completed before l go away on retreat to Melbourne. 
Fat Quilter Bags.
Sewing Gift Bag.
Casserole Carriers.
Pin cushions.
Needle Case. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gold Coast Quilters Exhibition

On Tuesday morning l was to rise earlier than normal, and drive my car to the Toowoomba Quilters Club Rooms by 7.00am. You can not be late or the bus will leave with out you, is the catch call.  After parking the car for the day l mingled with the other ladies attending the trip to the Gold Coast. The bus arrived on time and all embarked for the days outing. Can you imagine 36 ladies all rugged up with beanies, gloves and jackets as it has been a wee bit cold of late. it truly was a sight.
We stopped along the way beside the Brisbane river in Redcliffe near the railway station, for morning tea about 90 minutes into the trip with a much needed stretch of the legs. The weather had changed and was quite warm. Which is normal once you have left the Range.   Then back onto the bus and arrived about another 90 minutes later, at the Art centre on the Gold Coast.  Lovely new building with loads of parking right next to the Gold Coast Council Building where we viewed the Quilts made by the ladies from the Gold Coast Quilters Group. I'm always in awe of people's exceptional talents and patience. The quilts displayed all hold there own special uniqueness and was very difficult to choose only one for the viewers choice.I purchased my share of raffle tickets and once again embarked on to the next stage of our journey. The Quilt shops and of course lunch at a local bakery.  mmmmm delicious. The orders had been phoned through to the bakery so they would be ready when we descended upon the small shop.

 We were supplied with afternoon tea at the shabby sheik quilt shop, Patchwork Dreaming fresh scones, strawberry jam with cream of course. Loved this funky lampshade. Very sixties/seventies.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 Dalby a town about an hours dive west of Toowoomba. Took us a little longer as we were driven there by one of  the L drivers, thanks to the 120 hours No 3 Son needs to obtain.  Problem is we are doing 240 hours as we have two L Plate Drivers. When we finish we start all over again with No 4 Son.  Lucky us.  Ha ha ha ha!
Upon arriving safely which was not true for others ahead of us, we visited the tourist information centre and took the tourist drive and continued to rack up some more hours of driving around the town.  After having a good look around town and taking a break before heading home. We sat around the park soaking up the suns rays.  At the information centre in town they have these puzzle pieces attached to the walls of the different industry's around the region. Sheep, Wheat, Cotton, Wine and Mining. Great to get out and see the other towns in the area that make up the Toowoomba region.