Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking a lot like Xmas.

Always trying out new ideas for Christmas decorations, to give away to children who visit at Christmas or friends & family who drop in.  These cute little Christmas sweets should work a real treat both with children and their parents. Quick and easy to sew, sew a few extra for the front hall stand or the Christmas table.  Great gift idea for that Xmas in July gift.  In a different fabric you could be ready for Halloween/ Valentines Day.  Embellish any way you like.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Under the Australian Sun

Fabric l purchased in Ipswich from B&R Cribbens. Under The Australian Sun by Leesa Chandler.  Really great fabrics, may make a quilt something like this one or a disappearing nine patch.  Would like to add Japanese  lanterns to the boarders.  Long term project.  Great day checking out fabrics.  Now l will not have to shop too much when l hit Melbourne in August.

Canning Town Patchwork Store Warwick.

 Small patchwork store in the centre of town.  Lovely fabrics and classes.  Needed this fabric for project l wanted to start.  Glorious day out for a drive temp 22c in Warwick.  Drove back through Cunningham's Gap towards Ipswich then back to Toowoomba where the temp dropped to 17c.  Great drive took most of the day and back in time to pick up the children from school.  Now l think l need a Nana nap. lol.  Lots of people on the move for the school holidays with their campers and vans etc...

Drive to Warwick.

 Hi there in blog world, today DH and l decided to venture out and take a leisurely drive down to Warwick only an hour from Toowoomba. Which of course took us two.  As Hubby likes to see what is up this road and down that one, then asks where are we? can you get out the map. But l knew that would happen so l was ready this time. Only taken me 20years. lol.  We arrived at Glenrose patchwork shop which is a lovely property just outside of Warwick. It is in a private house with a shop attached. There are lovely  B&B Cottages set amoungst the beautiful grounds.  Could spend another two hours looking and touching all the glorious fabrics a must see if you are every up this way. Many products for sale with a sewing thyme.  Pin cushions, scissors, wine bottle holders, bags, quilts, and loads of patterns and many different and varied fabric styles to choose from.  Soft and pretty, country and civil war and brights just about everyone would be covered. Very happy with the fabric l purchased, look forward to my next trip down to Warwick.

Making Christmas Bon Bons with this fabric should look great.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bus Trip To Beenleigh Quilt Show.

 Bus left Toowoomba Quilters club house at 8.30am on a very cold Friday morning.  Destination Beenleigh Quilt Show.  After an enjoyable bus trip which entertained all for the 2hour ride with many games and prizes.  This game was called Quilters Bingo, we also played Bus Pass the Parcel, How many buttons in the jar, how long is a piece of string etc.

 There were many quilt shop stores around to entice you into buying there wares.  Many with fabric patterns and even beads in the main building. I was like a bee to honey, for Joy Patches stand. So pretty and girlie.

 Met this wonderful lady Joy of Joy Patch Blog. Many of you will already know her. Very friendly & personable with her beautiful work on display. All her patterns were available to purchase.  I love her patterns.  Did a bit of Christmas shopping here for friends and self. Hehehehe!  Love your blog Joy.
Here are a couple of patterns l picked up for future projects.

 If you want a chance to win some lovely fabrics go across to Green Fairy Quilt blog and join in the fun!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beenleigh Quilt Show.

Very excited, l am off to the Beenleigh Quilt Show in the morning with the Toowoomba Quilters.  Leaving early in the morning to connect with the bus at the club house. The journey to Beenleigh is about two hours l think, not really sure as this will be my first time there.  If we are not all spent by the end of or visit, there will be more shopping to be had on or way home via quilt shops.  Great to be part of this very friendly group, looking forward to spending up.