Thursday, February 3, 2011

Far North Queensland

Glad to hear that a number of bloggers are safe after what must have been an extremely frightening and upsetting 24 hrs.  I have been contacted by my mother to state that my Sister and Brother and their families are all safe and well.  l don't know how there properties fared the cyclone as yet, but no doubt that will came when they are able to return to their homes. They both live in Cairns one at Trinity Beach the other at Kerrawa Beach both homes have survived other cyclones of less ferocity, but the risk of the flooding was enough for them to move to higher ground. Now the re-building, both mental and physically can begin.  Our prayers  go out to you all.
UPDATE:  Both of the homes have been unaffected, my Sisters has a few branches and  mountains of leaves in the pool.  My brothers looks the way  he left it, not a thing out of place.  Very very lucky people.

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