Thursday, January 20, 2011

Return to school rush.

Today we are heading off to a meeting with the local high school to enroll our three children. Tried to do this back in November before school finished for 2010, but the person in charge was away on holidays.  Meaning we had to wait and see as we are in their catchment area.  We did not waste time, sort out other schools in the Toowoomba area on our side of town, 5 in total.  To find that all were booked out in the year levels needed.

It was interesting that we could not get information when we were in Melbourne, about schools in the area even after DH rang the Department of Education of Queensland and was switched though to the Department of Roads. Maybe alarm bells should have started to ring then.

Wasn't  the Prime Minister  the Minister in charge of Education? Why is it that  there is not an Australian wide curriculum, so that everyone is on the same page. This may mean sending one of  our children back to Melbourne to finish his schooling to obtain a better than average education.  Hopefully this will not have to happen. We will see what Queensland has to offer in about an hour.  One very annoyed and frustrated  parent.

Then it will be off to purchase any books and uniforms.

Good news we have uniforms and books organized, still trying to work out classes. Two out of the three boys my have to go to TAFE to complete their chosen career paths.

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