Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Day 2011

 Spillway at Wivenhoe Dam between Esk & Fernvale. Letting out  massive amounts of water.  The spray that was coming off the water was unbelievable.
 Water heading down to the Brisbane river. Cannot tell in photo but it moves very fast.
 Photo of sister-in-laws block somewhere between Esk & Fernvale. On the Wivenhoe dams edge. Beautiful place to rest and relax from the stresses of day to day life.  The dam is so full with even letting the water out at such a fast rate it is 300metres into their property past the fence line.
 Go for a paddle or a fish, just relax letting the water rock you to sleep whilst reading a book. Great time did not even see or here the boys.
 Found these Green tree frogs out side our bedroom window.  They were having a great conversation I'm sure. But the did quieten down about 1am.
 Now these frogs our for my friend Libster.  This was the boys first encounter with a Cane Toad.  They found is quite ugly, their cousins found it amusing, that they had never seen one before.
 The boys even got to try out the bikes on the property. With Sean ending up at the Esk Hospital with a dislocated elbow. After falling off the bike he was riding,  Only doing 30ks because he does not enjoy outdoor sports rather be on the computer. Only needs to wear a sling for two weeks to rest it up.  He had put his arm back into place himself. Gave it a go and says it is not for him.  The Hospital staff were fantastic. Big tick.

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