Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gift for Friend.

Friday was a girl friend from North Of The Yarra Quilters Guild. I made this present and l hope she like it. Matching pegs is her blog please take a look. I made her this peg bag which l found in a Magazine.

Another Birthday

Another Birthday and last one for the month of June, Number 4 son celebrated his 13th Birthday. My youngest son is now officially a Teenager. We had another family dinner with cake l think this is the worst month for trying to start a diet. Had a great day of sewing with friends and then home for dinner prepared by Hubby and Boys.

Tree Of Friendship

A wonderful friend made this beautiful Tree Of Friendship, for my 50th Birthday. Today l finally took ownership. I really enjoy receiving gifts that are made out of love and friendship. All handmade and the label is perfectly stitched. I feel incredible blessed to have such wonderful friend in Jennifer.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hubby B'Day

On the 16th June Hubby celebrated his B'day we made cakes large and small and people dropped by all day long. By the time dinner was served later on that night no one was very hungry but we ate because no.4 son had spent a lot of time cooking a chicken dish for his father. Was not a "0" Birthday but at his age you take every opportunity you get to celebrate. LOL.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Did anyone see todays Sunrise. My number 2 son woke me, how thoughtful of him. Was worth his effort. My camera battery was not charged so l can not forward or post a photo. But the colours were beautiful, very similar to these. But with the sky all a glow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Libster this one is for you.

Saw this statue when we were away. Made me think of you. Now l have more ideas for more quilts, than l have time to make any of them.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Snap shot in June

Birthday Time

It is 7th June, and number three son is celebrating his 15th Birthday with a family dinner. His choice for tonight was chicken with roast veg, followed by his favorite choc mud cake.
He has also planned a night out to the movies with his friends, for later on in the week. They grow up so quickly.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toowoomba Patchwork store.

I bought items from each one. Precious Time, Quilters Angel, Cannot remember the name of the third one Sew ???? Great time looking around the stores but not as friendly as our stores here in Melbourne. I think they have lost their smiles somewhere amongst the fabrics. Think the third store was called Sew Creative. Have to go back to check it out again. Strong guild in Toowoomba about 120 members. I am sure there are more patchwork fabric stores out there. Will have to continue to look.

Toowoomba Region

Here are a few photo's of our trip to QLD. First the Aussie flag standing tall and proud up on Picnic point seen for miles around. Great to see a town so proud. If you want to partake in summer water sports look no further than Lake Somerset, drop by Esk and view the farmers market. Or travel on to the house of clocks just out of Highfield. There are three quilt store in and around Toowoomba with a quilters group of up to 120 ladies. They also have a yearly retreat. As you can see l checked out what is important. Enjoy the photo's.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Again.

To whom it may concern we arrived home from our trip on Saturday night. Children were happy to see us. They kept in contact with us the whole time we were away. Looked at many houses schools and town centers. The weather was cold and wet, so no swimming was had. Drove around in the hire car mostly. Great little car think l might look into purchasing one Hyundai I30. Very comfy. This week we are taking time out to discuss our next step. Looking at the house we saw and the areas they are in. So at the moment no clearer. Loved Toowoomba in QLD. real comfy very friendly, lovely surrounds and views. Pace a lot slower than we are used too. Post photos at a later date. Found three quilt store in and around town. Clock shop, chocolate shop gift ware store all overlooking a fantastic view of Toowoomba and surrounds. Mother is glad we are home, even though she enjoyed the children's company teaching them to play checkers and card games.