Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smart Bus

Well l was out and about again on Wednesday with my Mother (Lorraine), as we try to catch up each week either the movies, coffee shop, shopping, etc. This week we decide to hop on the Smart Bus and head off. Last time we caught the Smart Bus we headed to D.F.O. out in Essendon. We headed in opposite direction this time towards Mordialloc. When we arrived at Mentone station we decide to disembark as our bottoms had been sitting for an hour plus. We needed to stretch our limbs.
When l realized where l was, lol l made a bee line for Carmel's fabric shop where l had been only weeks before. I had the Melly and Me bag l had made from the fabric l purchased there on my last visit, they made such a nice fuss over it. Made my purchases and took my Mother to lunch. After we had finish our shopping we returned home once again completing yet another day out.

Was very interesting watching the other passengers, going about their daily activities. We will catch up again after the Easter school break. Looking forward to the Zoo to visit with the new kid on the block.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(Dear John.) Movie

Well to day my mother and l went once again to the movies. This time we were going to view Remember Me. Upon arrival we were informed that the 11am session was a mother/ baby session, which meant that the lights stay on a little more and babies and their prams would also join us. So we opted for the other movie we both want to see which was Dear John, which is by one of my favorite Authors Nicholas Sparks. Two hours later although a good enough movie, would be more suited for television. Chick flick but not that great. We had our usually chocolate milkshake full cream milk with extra whipped cream topping. Looking forward to next week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time out

Had some time out this weekend took myself off to beach house, leaving family home.
Was great just to veg out watch any television/dvd program of my choice. Ate when l felt like it not driven by others needs. Was very peaceful, went for walk along beach, went shopping. Came back looking forward to another week of house hunting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Melly & Me Bag

Look at My new bag. This is a Melly & Me creation. Took me a whole day to make.
A bit fiddly to make but worth the effort.

Lighting up my world.

After many hours of thought and many hours of putting those thoughts into practice, Hubby has made me a light box for my many craft activities. It hold A3 paper easily. No wonder l keep Mr. Wonderful around. He lights up my life. LOL. Only one draw back l have to share with children and Lover Boy. I will let him keep his new toy now.

Moving house

This Buff'et was very handy for storing items you didn't want others to know were there.
No it was not fabric. But what a great idea.

We also have a Cubby house measures 24x24x25 built so adults can enter, plenty of room for all. With stable type door with window, leeds on to deck. There is plenty of light from windows and skylight.

Portable Spa for 4-6 people.

Buff 'et


This organ originally belonged to my husbands mother, who played it quite often.
The brand is Hammond.

This is an antique looking bookcase which comes apart into two pieces. I have owned it for approx.30years.

We are having a clean out of items we no longer require. Since we are moving come the end of this year. Thought you may know of someone, looking for such items.
Planning on a new look and style for the new house. Even though we have not yet found/built the right one. Will hopefully be advertising on 3aw Saturday morning.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day out fabric shopping.

Another day out let loose on the fabric shops in Mentone this time. What a wonderful time was had by all. YUMMY fabrics, great company and lovely lunches. I controlled my spending this time only because there was so many new projects swimming around in my head. Where to start. Thank Girls.

Primitive Patches

Recycled trailer

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

About a week ago Number 3 son has been out in the boys shed just chilling out. Decided to make himself a bicycle trailer from recycled bits collected around the neighborhood. Photo's to follow. Has been road tested and even went to the shops and bought back my shopping in one piece. Job well done. Neighborhood children are coming over wanting help to make their own trailers now. My job is to supply drinks and food for their dietary needs whilst they work on their projects. All good fun.