Sunday, December 26, 2010

K K gifts from girls.

I received three beautiful birds which will not need any extra attention.  No 3 son saw me looking at them in a shop and quickly bought them without my knowledge (Nice surprise).

Now l know you other ladies have not yet received your KK Gifts but l am going to share mine with you early.  I have once again been spoilt with your generosity two lovely fabrics which are going to challenge me.   I have been patting them to see what comes to mind.  Also a gift certificate to Country Quilts Co in Ipswich, going to check out there site. You are to generous for words.  Thank you my KK. Simone V.     You did all proud.   Maybe l might have something to show you at the retreat.    If all goes well.     I am looking forward to see what each and everyone receives after your dinner out in January.    

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  1. Well, now I know that Simone V wasn't my kk! mmm Now who could it be? How sad, Madeline. You have to go shopping now!!!! Hope you had a great Christmas day.