Monday, August 30, 2010

Dolls on the Mount.

As you can clearly see we had many a delightful treat. More than enough was consumed over the 3hours.

Very appropriate for the day.
Only a hand full of the many dolls occupying the room.

Went for High Tea at "Dolls on the Mount" for a good friends 50th.
Was a great afternoon of Tea, sandwiches, scones, cakes etc set amongst a collection of dolls some very old others newer. Lots of laughter and friendships renewed and new ones formed. Many a time throughout the afternoon some one would announce that they too had a doll like this one or that one.
Always good to have the afternoon to catch up with other women without male influences.
More celebrating to be had all week as we know we are in titled, because we are women.
Photo's to follow.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Birthday gifts on retreat.

This lovely gift was made by my dear friend Libby. Always pleased to receive handmade items.
Made by Simone the queen of miniature Quilts. Friendship block with the girls names embroidered on. Will always remember you all.

Now this is a bit of fun had by Viv. At first l could not make it out not until l cleaned my glasses. Nice little egg cup. Thanks Viv for the laugh.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping Spree.

Australian Native Flowers.

My good friend her daughter and l went on yet another fabric shopping trip, this time to Mentone. (Chandler's Cottage)
We were taken with her new range of Australian flowers and gum leaves. I am not usually drawn to Japanese style fabrics or prints but was very impressed with this range. Will post photo of fabrics later. Had yet another successful day out.

Apple Cake

My youngest son known as ( no.4 ) made this delicious Apple Cake at school in his cookery class.
They only have 1/2 year of cookery if they are lucky enough to get there forms in on time. He arrived home from school after an afternoon of sports, asked me to take him back to school to collect his cake which was in his locker, and they lock the locker area at 4.30pm the time was 4.10pm but we arrived in time to rescue the cake from going stale over night. Of course there is nothing to show you but crumbs now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Can Quilt

Simply load your project onto the rollers and your sewing machine, start quilting. Project can stay put until you finish no more having to pack away between times. Measurements 2500mm (250cm) length, 600mm (60cm)width.

One Can Quilt for sale need to sell as l am moving and simply cannot take it with me. Good secondhand unit. Add your personal touch to your projects, loads of fun can be had. Cost saving, do it yourself. If interested post on comment. Good for anyone in Melbourne, Australia, as you will need to pick it up or arrange your own postage.

ITEM SOLD. Thank You.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Vic Retreat.

Jennifer cloud gazing, whilst l muck about taking photo's.
Do not get the opportunity to take one for a spin. Could have been interesting. As it was bitterly cold.
Retreat headquarters. Where everyone was snug as bugs quilting away, listening to music with heaters on full. Was not cold until you ventured out.
One of many old man trees. Struggling to survive the extended drought this wonderful country is known for. Only going to get worse as population grows. Cannot keep up with demand so something has to give, price we all have to pay.

Did go for a short walk with my friend. Libby could have kept going, she is like the EverReady bunny. We came across a mob of Kangaroos but did not dare go to close. Was exhausted when l returned to camp.

Retreat 2010.

Was great to see everyone having such a great time enjoying the weekend, catching up with friends, lots of laughter, sewing and occasional bit of exercise walking to the dinner table. LOL. :)
I did my bit for the Victorian economy. I traveled to Bendigo with my friend Jennifer who was giving me directions all the way, otherwise we could have ended up anywhere. Thanks Jennifer for all the laughs along the way and helping me spend my money so well. Enjoyed not having to do house work for a few days and not having to decide what to have for dinner. Will be trying hard to make the trip next year from QLD. Must be some reason to return to Melb.