Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Big Move.

Well everyone keeps asking me if we have found a house yet. We sold our house twelve months ago and have been looking every Thursday and Saturday for the perfect house location. We are in no hurry as we know we have another house we can move into if time runs out. Our children are all in secondary school and being prepared for life ahead of them. The only consideration is that we move where they will be able to obtain employment. My hubby is retired and we are at that time in life were it is now OUR time whilst we are still active and healthy. Longer do we need to spoon feed our children, they are growing independent people with views of their own. Of course they still need a place to live and guidance but one day they will leave this nest and have families of their own. So on that note we are heading next week off to the Sunshine Coast etc. Will keep you informed when we have found our new home.

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