Thursday, March 25, 2010

Smart Bus

Well l was out and about again on Wednesday with my Mother (Lorraine), as we try to catch up each week either the movies, coffee shop, shopping, etc. This week we decide to hop on the Smart Bus and head off. Last time we caught the Smart Bus we headed to D.F.O. out in Essendon. We headed in opposite direction this time towards Mordialloc. When we arrived at Mentone station we decide to disembark as our bottoms had been sitting for an hour plus. We needed to stretch our limbs.
When l realized where l was, lol l made a bee line for Carmel's fabric shop where l had been only weeks before. I had the Melly and Me bag l had made from the fabric l purchased there on my last visit, they made such a nice fuss over it. Made my purchases and took my Mother to lunch. After we had finish our shopping we returned home once again completing yet another day out.

Was very interesting watching the other passengers, going about their daily activities. We will catch up again after the Easter school break. Looking forward to the Zoo to visit with the new kid on the block.

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